Lanza, monsters amongst us!

Do us Preppers have monsters within our circle? Considering there are millions of Preppers across the globe I would have to think there is. In my humble opinion I also believe that the percentage as compared to all of society around the world is extremely  low.

While preparedness for family has always been the number one goal of a Prepper, preservation of life and liberty for all people will go hand in hand with family. To simply prepare for ones own is not enough and I feel from all those that I know who prep this is a common thought. We gain no ground thinking only of Continue reading

Prepping? Nothing New Here!

Not real new. Storing, canning food, and self-reliance has been going on for a very, very long time it’s just that up to only a few years ago it was fast becoming a lost practice. Times are changing and in the past few years this dying practice has been resurrected.

Prepping is the modern term and it is spreading like an out of control fire. Modern everyday people concerned about what will happen, how their lives will be affected if a disaster, manmade or natural should happen.

One of the first stories to hit big in main stream media comes from News Week back in 2009 you can read HERE. American Preppers Network one of the largest forums to be found was started by Tom Martin about the same time now with over 10,000 members to date and growing fast.

Web sites, radio shows like our own and forums can be found all over the internet. Preppers are everyday people with one major link in common. They believe in self-reliance and being Independent.