Prepping, Survival 24/7 and keeping focus!

A Giant Appears and Don’t Lose Focus!

Giant downloadWith the excitement of two stories I have before me I’ve decided to put them together starting off with “A Giant Appears” followed by “Don’t Lose Focus“. I have no doubts both will peak your interest.

“A Giant Appears” In confinement there are certain creatures whose growth are determined by the space allowed in its habitat. Giants will reach a certain size and for survival purposes the growth of the beast will cease or it finds a way out. Fortunately for those that know and have grown to love this giant I write about, it is refusing to be contained and has found an escape. Continue reading

L2Survive with Thatnub

When people find out I am a prepper they always ask me the same question. What are you prepping for? I tell them that “I am prepping for life without service. There are too many things that can go wrong for something to not go wrong. If the power goes out for the night, I am prepared. If I lose my job, we’ll still have food. If all government services shut down, we’ll be okay.”
I have only been prepping for about a year and still have a lot to learn and do. I don’t have $30k to spend on my preps so; most of what I get is from garage sales, auctions and trade. I buy some items at these places for resale and, to date, have actually not spent a cent on my preps. I might even be in the positive.
For those keeping score, L2Survive means “learn to survive” because that is what I am doing. Thatnub was one of my old gamer tags. NUB meaning Non Useful Body. If you have any ideas, comments or questions, let me know.

Watch this video on New Batteries for my Solar Power System from L2Survive

Desperation, Fear, Death, a Prepper surviving a Zombie!

I shot a man the other day and haven’t been able to sleep since. I had often wondered if I had to, would I be able to, now I know. Pulling the trigger was not that hard, not with what I could see was going to happen. I am hoping that in telling my story it may ease my conscious a bit but in order for it to be understood I have to back up some.

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The original Prepared Canadian! on American Preppers Radio!

The Canadian Preppers Network has been up and running for several years now but in the beginning it was a lonely place to visit to say the least. Lack of volunteers and members to the blog and forum made for very little content and because of this, activity from users was non existent.

My son, Tom, founder of American Preppers Network assigned me the task of building this network, providing content, and information that pertained to and appealed to our neighbors in Canada. I would try but knew my help would be little. Between working the A. P. N. State blogs, the main A.P.N. forum as well as the Prepper Broadcasting Network my time for contribution was limited. I could do little more than a rare posting of an article or a bit of news.

One day, while on the A. P. N. forum I noticed a member that happened to live in Canada. His posts, comments and contribution to the forum were everything we look for and admire in a concerned citizen and a Prepper. His name, “Denob” now known as The Prepared Canadian! Could I be so lucky?

Denob aka “The Prepared Canadian” has been a Prepper for many years. His desire to be self-reliant and independent goes far beyond his personal interest. It was quite clear in his activity on the forums that he had a great desire to help others as well as himself and his family. I approached Denob with the idea of running and working the Canadian Preppers Network and in no time we had the right man for the job. It has been just a few short years now and our neighbors in Canada now have a respectable blog with great content.

Recently Denob approached me with an idea. He previously was doing a podcast on another network but due to lack of time had to give it up. Now, time being back on his side he has started doing another podcast and it airs right here on Prepper Broadcasting. Unlike before, this podcast is pre-recorded the day before airing, on Saturdays at 6:00pm/Central.

Below is the player for the original episode of  The Prepared Canadian. Because of timing and scheduling we were unable to air this first broadcast. I hope that you will give a listen to our latest host and come back and join us in the chat room every Saturday for a visit with others while listening to Denob “The Prepared Canadian”.

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Wintergreen for preppers and it’s many uses!

Wintergreen, one of the few plants in which the entire plant has many uses. Not only a pain reliever it is also edible. But wait there are many more uses. Watch this well done video and see many of the different reasons to learn how to recognize, find, and use this plant. Keep an eye out for the book the author uses in this video.

Prepper Bread? If you use a stick to stir.

The Hoss makes some bread with basic ingredients. While I have made a lot of bread one thing I noticed right up front was that he uses no sugar. The rising time seems to be in question but his end result looks pretty good. I really like the idea of the use of corn meal on the bottom of loaf. This is one I will have to try.

Starting a fire by improvising!

What do you do when you have no char cloth or flint steel. There are several molds or fungus in the wilds that grow on many things such as trees or rocks. Theses natural products can serve the same purpose as your char cloth. The only preparation is allowing a little time for your material to dry out. If you don’t have a flint steel, improvise. The following video is a great example of improvising to get your fire started.

Prepping? Nothing New Here!

Not real new. Storing, canning food, and self-reliance has been going on for a very, very long time it’s just that up to only a few years ago it was fast becoming a lost practice. Times are changing and in the past few years this dying practice has been resurrected.

Prepping is the modern term and it is spreading like an out of control fire. Modern everyday people concerned about what will happen, how their lives will be affected if a disaster, manmade or natural should happen.

One of the first stories to hit big in main stream media comes from News Week back in 2009 you can read HERE. American Preppers Network one of the largest forums to be found was started by Tom Martin about the same time now with over 10,000 members to date and growing fast.

Web sites, radio shows like our own and forums can be found all over the internet. Preppers are everyday people with one major link in common. They believe in self-reliance and being Independent.

A “Reality Check” for many Preppers! A must watch.

What would you do if SHTF? Probably one of the most common questions you will find on any Prepper, Survival related web site or forum you may visit. Most, in earnest don’t really know what would happen to them, or what they would do. Many Prepper, Survivalists say “BUG OUT” . It’s easy to talk the walk but can you walk the talk. Unless you are already living the Jeremiah Johnson life style, odds are, you really have not a clue. I know there are exceptions. For those that are not exceptions and those that will have to stay put here is a little food for thought.

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GoatHollow also airs live broadcasts on the Prepper Broadcasting Network

Primitive Navigation with a Lunar Compass!

Most are familiar with a solar compass and how to navigate using the sun. Did you know that the same type of navigation can be accomplished at night using the moon? The method is relatively the same, and with hopes like that of having an unobstructed sun you may find yourself with an unobstructed moon to help you find your way. Below is a video made by Mitch of the Pathfinder School that I believe you will find informative and another useful tool to store in your mental Bug Out Bag.