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FaceAPNRPBNLooking for great content to add to your website? For free? How ’bout 14 great internet radio broadcasts that change daily. Topics include Gardening, Canning, Guns, Cooking, Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Bugging In, Bugging Out, Self Defense, Equipment, Vehicles, Homesteading, Animals and anything else you could imagine in the preparedness field. 17 hosts that put on 14 great shows seven days a week and you can put these radio players directly on your website. It’s easy, it’s free and we will add you to our resource page for sharing us with others. (must be prepper/survival related)
The Hosts and the show topics change daily giving visitors to your website something new and informative to listen to with every visit. With most shows being 60 minutes in length it keeps them on your website. You can go to the show schedule tab above to learn more on these hosts and their upcoming topics.
Copy and paste the html code on your website for the following shows: “The Homestead Honey Hour” “Preparing For Life’s Storms” “GoatHollow and the Surreal News” “Charlie in the Box” “The Other Side…A Preppers Path” “Red Horse Unleashed” “I Am Liberty” “The Gun Show” “Pet Prep Radio” “The Human Path” and “The Prepared Canadian”
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The Carrington Event on A Preppers Path!

6-3GetAttachmentImagine this very moment, the power goes out. Cell phones disconnect. Radio is static, internet dead. All you have to guide you is your direct observations and people you meet on the streets. No outside news, only rumors, then hysteria. Now imagine weeks pass as essentials—food, gas, medicine—runs out everywhere. You can’t even draw water from the tap. What will you do?

This Sunday’s guest on The Other Side…A Preppers Path has the vehicle to take you there as Lynna visits live with Director/Producer Rob Underhill. The Carrington Effect is a new and modern real time drama that brings the Carrington Event of 1859 to life in todays’ world. Don’t miss out on learning first hand. Rob and Lynna will talk about the research and solid info you can learn through the movie. We can only guess as to an event this series will show you!


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“Smokin” Please pass the meat!

I love smoked meat, any kind of smoked meat. My problem is, I’m sad to say, I can’t eat smoked meat day after day, then I watched Misty Prepper, maybe this has changed.

Beware as you watch the video below as you may suffer the same symptoms and pains I suffered while watching and even now as I post this. Sweaty palms, excessive watering of the mouth, an unconscious aroma euphoria, and sever grumbling of the stomach.

Now that this post is about finished I believe it’s time to concentrate on the smoker I want and putting away some meat.

If you are not a subscriber to Misty Prepper you are missing some of the best Prepper Related videos you will find.

~Smoking a Hog~ & ~Making Sausage~

By: Misty Prepper
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The Survivalist Gardener on “A Preppers Path”

Forage treeThe Survivalist Gardener returns to the Other Side of a Preppers Path. Apple farmer, forest gardener and author Rick Austin joins Lynna this Sunday show with the beginning of the Secret Garden of Survival. Rick doesn’t talk about the everyday traditional or commercial garden but a garden that boast such attributes as plant it only once in your lifetime, no fertilizer necessary, takes little space, provides your family food for the next 30 years with 5x more food per sq. foot than the traditional garden. Fantastic claims that are backed up with 3 years of real Food forest Production. Rick was with us last February where we covered most of the above this Sunday we go deeper, more involved as Rick is going to talk with us fungi-17351285196824ZDvEdirectly about how to actually get started with your own Food Forest. What do you do first, second and on so that you in fact create your own Secret Garden of Survival. Prime yourself for this show by tuning into Rick’s previous visit at Don’t miss this great tutorial in Forest Gardening.
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Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment

Preparing to Provide aka MHPGardener
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For the next hydroponic fertilizer experiment, I’m switching things up a bit. I’m using Fox Farm’s Grow Big, Hydro-Gardens Hobby formula 10-8-22, and I’m using my usual 4-18-38 with some airstones to see how much difference the aeration will make. These are all excellent hydroponic fertilizers. So I expect some very good results. But the question is, which one will work better? We shall see!

18 Hosts offering 14 of the best prepper shows on internet!

American Preppers Radio also known as Prepper Broadcasting has just added three new shows and their hosts to their already great line-up. “Below are the new shows!”

Are you interested in prepping, all aspects? You may be surprised with your next visit to  this informative web site. From canning to weapons A.P.R. covers everything, well almost. I would like to see a show that devotes it’s topics to hunting in all aspects such as how to tan hides or tools from bones. However I am told that Prepper Broadcasting has their eyes open for such a show.

Their newest additions in shows! See entire line up Go Here!

Galt Strike: Hosted by Tom Martin ( Founder of American Preppers Network ) Thurs @ 6:00pm/Ct.
Inspired by Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and the Character John Galt. Our goal is to teach and share every possible “Legal” method of reducing and eliminating our tax footprints thereby starving the banker oligarchies of the world.
Mission: To share every idea possible to cut our production, expenses, and taxes to starve the banker oligarchy.
Description: We will accomplish our goals by learning how to reduce our labor and expenses within the “looters and moochers” economy, and redirecting our efforts more towards our own “personal” economies (our own Galt’s Gultch).

The Gun Show: Hosted by Dave Womach Mondays @ 6:00pm/Ct. Continue reading

A two for one! Wood Hoops’ & Prepareing To Provide

A great video on storing wood from Misty Prepper “Cover with a tarp not mentioned” and her as a guest on the topic of Homesteading. What it Really Means! The show will be on Prepper Broadcasting this Friday. The host MHPgardner “Preparing to Provide“. For those of you that have thought about homesteading find some good information in videos below and join the host and guest at Prepper Broadcasting!

Wood Hoops’ & Prepareing To Provide

Homesteading with Misty – Friday Night’s Special Guest

On Prepper Broadcasting…The virtues of raising honey bees!

From Prepper Broadcasting, a great show on Bees! Read Show & Listen in player below!
The Top Bar coming your way 1/27/13. It’s a (BYOB) Bring your own bottle affair because we are talking about that sweet elixir HONEY! That’s right Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honey Bees joins the Other Side of A Preppers Path once again to talk about the virtues of raising honey bees and answer your questions. Honey the incredible elixir and natural sweetener, a must in the kitchen as well as the medicine chest. Find our why the author of The Thinking Beekeeper says It’s Not about the Honey, Honey” Christy’s knowledge and experience is well known countrywide she is a contributor to the Mother Earth News Fairs where bee enthusiast or newbies glean an abundance of both. She is active in teaching, writing and swarm rescue? Swarm rescue you ask, what is that why is it important? Tune in for the answer and many more as we visit the fascinating world of the honey bee.
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Desperation, Fear, Death, a Prepper surviving a Zombie!

I shot a man the other day and haven’t been able to sleep since. I had often wondered if I had to, would I be able to, now I know. Pulling the trigger was not that hard, not with what I could see was going to happen. I am hoping that in telling my story it may ease my conscious a bit but in order for it to be understood I have to back up some.

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