In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!

In Home Freeze Dryer Give-A-Way!

Ad 2-17Freeze Dryer are those that can off set the cost of that weekly grocery bill with their expertise in preserving food. Either by canning or dehydrating, food is not wasted and can last for a long time. What about freeze dried food? While convenient, with a shelf life of up to 25 years purchasing freeze dried food can be very expensive.

There are two ways to get around the great expense of buying freeze dried food. First you can buy your own freeze dryer, that’s right, not strictly a commercial product anymore. Harvest Right has made available In-Home Freeze Dryers you can now purchase directly from them. While still an investment the long term savings is enormous.
The second way to have your own in home freeze dryer but without any cost at all is to have one given to you. Read More and enter give-a-way HERE!

Survival Fitness: Are you fit enough to survive?

Survival Fitness: Are you fit enough to survive civil unrest?
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live”

Survival FitnessTimes of civil unrest are truly tests of survival of the fittest. Most of us don’t like to acknowledge this, because fitness hasn’t been a top priority in a while. Perhaps we’re older and have some aches and pains. Or, perhaps we are already juggling kids, spouse, a job, aging parents, and all of our other prepping activities- when is there even time to think about fitness, let alone work out? Continue reading

Prepping, Survival 24/7 and keeping focus!

A Giant Appears and Don’t Lose Focus!

Giant downloadWith the excitement of two stories I have before me I’ve decided to put them together starting off with “A Giant Appears” followed by “Don’t Lose Focus“. I have no doubts both will peak your interest.

“A Giant Appears” In confinement there are certain creatures whose growth are determined by the space allowed in its habitat. Giants will reach a certain size and for survival purposes the growth of the beast will cease or it finds a way out. Fortunately for those that know and have grown to love this giant I write about, it is refusing to be contained and has found an escape. Continue reading

Tanning Deer Hydes

This is my version of Redneck Hide Tanning. In these videos we review the fleshing of the hide and then show the steps of fur on hide tanning. Another way to utilize natural resources!

tanningWhitetail Bushcraft

This channel is about our version of the COMMON MAN’S way of Wilderness Self Reliance, Lots of Bushcrafting, Survival Skills, Hunting and Wild Game Cooking, Traditional ways of living and much much more. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, IT REALLY MEANS ALOT TO US !! Please Subscribe. ……..Music by Aaron Lewis…..Country Boy “, We are about our version of the COMMON MAN’S way of Wilderness Self Reliance, Lots of Bushcrafting, Survival Skills, Hunting and Wild Game Cooking, Traditional ways of living and much much more.

Part 1

Part 2


There are a whole lot of YouTubers out there sharing good information. Meet one of the bests in Michigansnowpony. I encourage anyone looking for help in becoming a little more self reliant and independent to visit Michigansnowpony’s YouTube channel. Subscribe, listen, and learn. You can also find Renée on most Thursday evenings 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/ Prepper Broadcasting sharing a wealth of information live on air.

About: Michigansnowpony

My name is Renee. On youtube, I’m also known as Michigansnowpony where I tend a channel by the same name featuring many videos on self-sufficiency and homesteading. I was raised on a 70 acre beef and crop farm by parents who grew up during the (last) Depression. They’re gone now, but their lessons of simplicity, hard work, and frugality are still with me. Today, I homestead on 10 acres along with my husband and two daughters where we raise meat rabbits, pigs, dairy goats, turkeys, chickens, bees, and have a trio of riding horses for fun. I can, dehydrate, garden, homeschool, work full time as a 3rd shift X-ray tech and strive to live a life where we can always take care of ourselves no matter what comes down the pike. Some call this “prepping”, but for us, it’s simply wise to live more in step with what our grandparents did rather than allowing ourselves to be seduced by too much “convenience” and technology. I believe that true prepping (as I understand the term and mindset) eventually and ultimately leads to homesteading and that’s where I focus on my YouTube channel.

— Renée

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L2Survive with Thatnub

When people find out I am a prepper they always ask me the same question. What are you prepping for? I tell them that “I am prepping for life without service. There are too many things that can go wrong for something to not go wrong. If the power goes out for the night, I am prepared. If I lose my job, we’ll still have food. If all government services shut down, we’ll be okay.”
I have only been prepping for about a year and still have a lot to learn and do. I don’t have $30k to spend on my preps so; most of what I get is from garage sales, auctions and trade. I buy some items at these places for resale and, to date, have actually not spent a cent on my preps. I might even be in the positive.
For those keeping score, L2Survive means “learn to survive” because that is what I am doing. Thatnub was one of my old gamer tags. NUB meaning Non Useful Body. If you have any ideas, comments or questions, let me know.

Watch this video on New Batteries for my Solar Power System from L2Survive